Carpe Diem


Josyan getting his blood pressure taken.

On Saturday, my baby slipped getting out of the tub and cut a huge gash in his chin, as well as mangling his poor little tongue.  His mishap required nine stitches to fix.  He’s four, and he’s a pretty tough guy, but seeing him lying there on the hospital bed really did a number on this mommy’s heart!

And it made me think about how things happen and life can change in just a blink.  Little things that are easily fixed, like this quick trip to the clinic with Josyan, and big things–like finding out you’re expecting a new baby or losing someone you love.  It’s so important to make each moment count, something that can be difficult to do when you are busy, as so many women are.

At the launch of License to Dream in Las Vegas, our company’s CEO, Kody Bateman, shared a story about his mom.  No matter what she was doing, she would take the time to stop and look her children in the eye when they needed to talk to her.  I know that I often forget how meaningful that one simple act can be–listening with my head inclined as my daughter shares her latest story while I continue working on the computer.  It breaks my heart when I really think about what message I’m sending her in that moment.  And then I think of the “what ifs”–what if I’m not here tomorrow?  What if Megan’s not here tomorrow?

I’ve determined to take time to really appreciate each person in my life every day by doing just a few simple things…

1)  Stop what I’m doing and look each person in the eye.  (I’m so guilty of not doing this for my kids and my husband!)

2) Listen to the little voice inside, whether it’s telling me to send a card, give a friend a call, or pull my baby out of the tub before I turn around to throw the laundry in the hamper.

3)  Follow my schedule so that I can turn off the computer and really be present in my home.

4)  Say YES more often to the things that will help me to enhance my relationships.

Here’s my challenge–would you walk with me this week in doing these four simple things?  I would love to hear your stories about how appreciating the people in your life has made a difference this week.

May God Bless You & Keep You!



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We are three women representing different age groups, backgrounds and life experiences who are passionate about teaching women around the world to build generational wealth through network marketing.
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